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Online Event Production

Let Chaos Machine take it from here - we’ll run your event on the day, from beginning to end. Coordinate with us ahead of time to find the perfect programming style and order for your event. Then sit back and enjoy watching it all unfold.

Live Event Production, Staffing, and Tech Support

Designer On Computer

Event Graphic Design

Dynamic Event Design and Social Media Support

Work with Chaos Machine to develop a “look” for your event graphics and videos, with accompanying templates for social media posts to boost attendance and build excitement.

Vlogger Recording Tutorial Video

Presentation Coaching

Work with Chaos Machine coaches and producers to ensure your presentation is supported by effective on-camera techniques, including framing, eyelines, background, and a solid knowledge of the platform.

Performance Prep and Personal Tech Coaching

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of Zoom and the internet


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What could you gain from a a successful event? An increased audience? Bigger donations? Let us help you accomplish your goals.

Chaos Machine is a digital event consultation and production company. Our work is founded in using the science of accessible digital gathering, coupled with a knowledge of virtual tech to cultivate intentional interactions, dynamic programming, and authentic engagement.

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Kathryn Metzger is a Los Angeles based virtual event producer and performer; her company Chaos Machine was founded at the height of the pandemic out of a passion to bring greater confidence and comfort to folks interacting with digital spaces. 

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Let's make Zoom a walk in the park.


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Great Conversations

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