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 who are we? 

For 35 years, Great Conversations has offered classes to preteens, teens and their families on puberty, sexuality, communication, decision-making, emotional regulation, consent and healthy relationships.

We believe that parents are their children’s prime sexuality resource, and sometimes families want additional resources to foster these important talks about growing up. Great Conversations is here to help you create intentional spaces where your family can continue those conversations, together.

Our down-to-earth approach, combined with humor and clear factual information from experts, is focused on preteen and teen developmental space, while honoring and respecting families’ traditions and beliefs. 

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  the community stories project  

Do you remember how you heard about puberty and sex?  

was it in a health class taught by your gym teacher? 

or an embarrassed parent on a long road trip? 

or by your friends at a sleepover?


What would the world look like if we honored, celebrated, and respected the ways our bodies grow and change throughout our lives?


Share your story - end the stigma


Share your stories below, and check out our social media channels to find out if your submission will be selected to be shared anonymously.

 get ready to share! 

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