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The Machine at Work

How exactly can Chaos Machine take your next online event to the next level? Check out our main offerings and services below for a sneak peak behind the scenes.  

Business Video Call


Event Consultation

We love our initial discovery calls with our clients. This is the time where we talk about the event, discuss expectations surrounding the event, and finalize a contract and quote.


Storyboard & Graphics

This is the fun part! Chaos Machine will build an event storyboard (like the one shown here) for client review and feedback. 

This is also the stage where we create and edit event specific graphics (images, logos, videos) if desired.

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 11.48.40 AM.png


Run of Show

Getting closer! Our team creates a minute-by-minute event schedule we like to call the "Run of Show." We cover the speaker order, pre-show checklist, screen share and video timing, and other fine details so your event is smooth and surprise-free.



An optional add-on and client favorite! If requested, we would be more than happy to meet with the event's presenters to coach them on digital presentation practice. 

Modern Senior Woman


The Main Event

It's show time! Chaos Machine's production experience includes a dry run, or dress rehearsal, of the show with client. The event then flows according to the Run of Show. 


Post Show Review

After every event, our team edits Recordings of the event and delivers them directly to the client. 

If requested, Chaos Machine can also build a short montage video of the event for the client to use for marketing, like a website or social media!

Online Course
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